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  •  Bemba Musota
This is a play set in the times at the beginning of the kingdom of Buganda and its about he despotic ruler named Bemba who was at the time stronger than any other chief and so ruled everybody. When the play starts Bemba has enlisted the services of the best iron mongers to manufactures an immortal warrior -- in essence a robot -- so he can use it to widen his sphere of influence. Kabaka Kintu arrives at the scene and defeats Bemba before he can carry out his plans.

This play coincides with an important turn in traditional story telling in Uganda which in the commercialization of story telling. These plays evidently are based upon local folklore and are produced by local drama societies in modern theatres instead of the traditional fire place.

    Kyeyune. E. N-. 1985. Bemba Musota. Mubaka printers, Kampala.

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Bemba Musota

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