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Apollo Milton Obote. What Others Say

Apollo Milton Obote. What Others Say

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For some people, Obote is a Ugandan hero: the founder of the nation, a nationalist, pan- Africanist and socialist. To others, he was a tribalist, a regionalist and megalomaniac who ruled by the army and terrorised his opponents. To the Baganda, he was the man who destroyed their land and humiliated their people, who imposed one-party dictatorship, and nurtured Idi Amin. To others, he was a victim of the colonial system, a man who achieved much, but who also made avoidable mistakes with major implications for his country - 'a great statesman who made great mistakes', according to Uganda's leading public intellectual, Ali Mazrui. By all standards, Obote is a controversial and enigmatic figure, worthy of serious examination. This book comprises a collection of newspaper articles and commentaries by politicians, journalists and his family, relating to the man Ugandans love to hate. It includes contributions from Obote's long time nemesis, President Museveni. Some fifty articles aim to portray the many conflicting and complementary readings of Obote, and draw conclusions as to his genuine nature and political record.


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