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Zinunula Omunaku

Zinunula Omunaku

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This classic is one of the most widely read novels of the Luganda language. It is set in the pre-colonial days and details the life of an orphan boy named Zinunula.

Zinunula's father dies before Zinunula is born and his mother about two years after he is born. He is raised by his grandparents. His paternal uncle - a wealthy man with several wives and servants takes him to his home after the death of his grandparents - against his wish. He becomes the darling of one of the uncle's wives and her daughter Komunaku, but the other wives hate his guts. The head wife plots to kill him and a servant Mikolo whom he had befriended. Komunaku tips them off and they decide to run away and they experience many wild adventures on the ensuing journeys. They eventually settled in another land with new strange customs.

Seventh edition (1982). Published by Uganda Literature Bureau. Kampala,   Kawere, E.K.N. (1954) Zinunula Omunaku.

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